Vasco Alves, Adam Asnan, and Louie Rice

Exploring the textures, physicalities and instabilities of electroacoustic mediums

Combine Pieces

A process used throughout the period we’ve worked together whereby material is created in isolation from each other to be combined at a later date, in performance, installation or on record

Keyboard Piece, 2020 (ongoing)

A collection of recordings made with repetitive motifs or sustained notes played on keyboards

This material will be presented in a series of future performances using three or more speakers

A selection of combinations have been mixed and auto play in sequence on this website

Multi Channel Piece (Mobile Speakers), 2016

Tusk Festival, Gateshead



Polis, 2016

A CD release documenting a series of audio installations that took place in the streets of Porto in 2014. Polyrhythmic compositions were prepared, combined, and relayed via a car sound system, in various locations across the city



Concerts for Signal Flares

A performance series devised to harness the rich acoustic properties of signal flares. Promoting the auditory qualities over their intended use as a visual artefact. Their ability to change in timbre with simple movements allows for a musical composition to be created via a choreography, using differences in proximity, directionality, and interaction with architectural implements or purpose built structures to form sonic patterns.

06.10.18 – Standards, Milan
07.07.18 – Gardena Festival, Deplayer, Rotterdam
26.05.18 – Marea Festival, Ravenna
16.05.17 – Ear To The Ground, Bijloke, Ghent
25.04.15 – Live Arts Week IV, Bologna
13.09.14 – Fort Process, Newhaven
31.05.14 – Serralves, Porto
30.05.14 – Town Hall, Porto

URSSS video:


Selected Discography

Recorded 2012 - 2015, Second Sleep, Cassette, 2017

Polis, Intonema, CD, 2015

Ping Cone, Mantile, Cassette, 2015

Newhaven, Organized Music from Thessaloniki, CD-R, 2014

It Just Ain't Flapping, Consumer Waste, CD-R, 2013

Crackle Party, Porta, CD, 2013